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U2  35
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U2 35 #1900

Available Wheel Sizes

Size Bolt Ptn Offset Finish Price/ea Quantity  
18"x7.5" 5x100 38 Chrome $135.00
18"x7.5" 5x114.3 38 Chrome $135.00
18"x7.5" 5x108 38 Chrome $135.00
18"x7.5" 5x112 38 Chrome $135.00
18"x7.5" 5x120 38 Chrome $135.00
20"x8.5" 5x115 13 Chrome $168.75
20"x8.5" 5x120 13 Chrome $168.75
20"x8.5" 5x135 13 Chrome $168.75
20"x8.5" 5x139.7 13 Chrome $168.75
20"x8.5" 6x139.7 13 Chrome $168.75
22"x8" 5x114.3 35 Chrome $206.25
22"x8" 5x120 35 Chrome $206.25
22"x8" 5x115 35 Chrome $206.25
22"x9.5" 5x115 13 Chrome $206.25
22"x9.5" 5x120 13 Chrome $206.25
22"x9.5" 6x135 30 Chrome $206.25
22"x9.5" 6x139.7 30 Chrome $206.25
24"x10" 5x115 13 Chrome $262.50
24"x10" 5x120 13 Chrome $262.50
24"x10" 5x114.3 25 Chrome $262.50
24"x10" 5x120 25 Chrome $262.50
24"x10" 6x135 30 Chrome $262.50
24"x10" 6x139.7 30 Chrome $262.50

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